Why Inviting All of Your friends to Your Business’ Facebook Page is a Bad Idea

Already on Facebook? Follow My Studio Space Custom Web DesignThe tendency of business owners just getting started with promoting their business on Facebook is to invite all of their “friends” from their personal Facebook account to “fan” or “like” their business page. That approach, however, is often a mistake.

Here’s why:

  • Successful business marketing on Facebook is about real, meaningful connections. A fan base or following that mirrors one’s personal friend list lacks legitimacy and appears amateurish.
  • You want interaction on your page, buy you also want to keep inside jokes and irrelevant banter to a minimum. Only invite friends who understand and appreciate the function of a Facebook page for business.
  • It’s unlikely that the majority of your Facebook “friends” will actually have that much interest in your business. Only invite friends who will engage your business professionally on Facebook or who may offer cross-promotion opportunities through their own Facebook business pages.

How to Increase Your Fans on Facebook

Follow My Studio Space on Facebook!In order to connect in a meaningful way with people on Facebook who actually are interested in your business, services or product, there are some steps you can take to ensure success:

  • Link to your Facebook profile from your website and blog – it seems basic, but it is the first.
  • Use the various Facebook widgets and tools to allow people to “like” your website, your individual blog posts and your Facebook business page – right from your website.
  • Create something engaging on your Facebook profile – this isn’t a “build it and they will come” phenomenon, but good, engaging content is a sure way to get people “liking” your business page and coming back when you update it.

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