With the number of smartphone users rapidly expanding, mobile websites have become a key and necessary component for successful business marketing.

With more people using their smartphones to shop, research, and contact businesses, mobile websites have become equally as important as computer websites. When developed together, this online presence provides potential customers with an all around excellent user experience.

How is a mobile website different from a full website?

  • Offers users simplified menus and smooth navigation
  • Promotes products, information and special offers
  • Automatically loads and looks great on small screens
  • Provides accessible social media links, photos and forms
  • Works on any smart phone platform, including Android and iPhone

But I already spent money on a full website, do I really need this?

Yes! Many businesses are behind in the development of a top-functioning mobile site, meaning you can gain a significant edge by acting now. My Studio Space can work with you to incorporate elements from your current website into your mobile site, carrying across your brand and ensuring affordability.
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