Facebook Facial Recognition – A Default Setting

Social Networking has become an important part of our Marketing efforts as small business owners. And many of us have jumped in with both feet to find that the personal exposure can be a little overwhelming, to say the least. So I have to ask, have you visited your Privacy Settings on Facebook lately, or ever?

I ask because Facebook has a new feature called Tag Suggestions which uses facial recognition to recommend people to tag in the photos you upload.

Each time you upload a new photo to your account, Tag Suggestions will use facial recognition to automatically suggest the friends you should tag.

But here’s the really Big Thing, this new feature is a default setting. That means it is On unless you do something about it. So if you don’t want Facebook to suggest Your Mug as someone to tag in your friend’s photos, for instance — you in a compromising position, then you will want to disable or at least make changes to this feature today.

Here’s How to Edit Facebook’s Tag Suggestions Feature:

1. First go to your Privacy settings

2. Then click “Customize settings”

3. Scroll down to “Thing others share”

4. Find “Suggest photos of me to friends”

5. And make any needed changes.

It’s an easy fix but if you are a private peep you’ll want to login and make some needed changes. For more information, you can visit FB’s Help Page, which offers a list of links on Privacy.

So what’s your take? Are you for or against Facial Recognition?

Facial Recognition Tag Suggestions and Your Privacy

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