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5 Facebook Tips for Business

5 Facebook Tips

5 Facebook Tips for Business

When it comes to Facebook tips for business, the most important tip is that Facebook is used for engaging an audience. It’s not about leads or even about you or your business. Gone are the days of Facebook success being measured in likes; it’s about creating conversation among your following.

At My Studio Space, we offer social media management services. Here are our 5 Facebook Tips for Business:

  1. It’s not about generating leads. Facebook is a place to meet and engage your following. You’re creating a voice for your brand so that your brand is shared with others. Think of it as online word of mouth advertising. If you’re creating conversation, the leads and sales will follow. The trick is to create the conversation FIRST.
  2. It’s not about you. Being engaging means limiting the posts about your business. Seems counter-intuitive but that’s how it works. It’s not a sales tool. The most engaging posts are inspirational quotes, stories about your business, community news, and best practices or tips.
  3. It’s not numbers game. The number of likes on your page isn’t a measure of success. All too often I get messages on my page that go something like, “I liked your page, so go like my page.” This is just a numbers game to increase likes on pages. It isn’t going to do anything to get your brand noticed or increase engagement.
  4. Engagement is key. Facebook is about connecting with your customers and prospects. You’re going to have more success if you have 100 people liking and commenting and sharing your page than if you have 1,000 who aren’t saying or sharing anything.
  5. Be consistent. Spend an hour or less a week scheduling a week of Facebook posts using the scheduler in Facebook. Be sure to check in on your page daily to like and comment. While you can automate posts, you still need to be ‘live’ on your page.

For more information about how My Studio Space can help you with social media and other services, contact us today!

8 Must-Haves for Every Website

As you’re looking at your marketing plan for next year, take a look at your website. If it has been more than six months since you added anything new or updated WordPress, it might be time to call My Studio Space. We’re helping businesses create memorable websites and here are our 8 Must-Haves for Every Website:

  1. Easy to Use: If visitors have to click more than a couple times to see information, they will more than likely leave your website for your competitor. Make the site easy to navigate so visitors want to stay, learn more about your business, and contact you.
  2. Keep it Simple: It is no longer necessary to have every bell and whistle about your business on your website. People have short attention spans and little time to read through pages of information. Keep your website simple with a theme by WordPress. They’ve made it almost foolproof for you to have a simple, easy to navigate website.
  3. Calls to Action: The purpose of your website is to generate leads for your business. Include a call to action on every page. Many small business website have a call to action to subscribe to their newsletter, for example. Include keywords or phrases when describing your business.
  4. It’s Not about You: The About Us page isn’t really about you at all; it’s about how your business helps customers or clients. Rather than saying, “We are super heroes,” you would say, “We help save the world one person at a time.” The latter makes people want to learn more about your business and how your business can help them.
  5. Services/Products: Give your website visitors an idea of specifically what you offer. In most cases, avoid being too technical. It’s just an overview; you want them to contact you for more information.
  6. Contact us: Don’t just have contact information in the footer, include a contact us page where visitors can email you directly. If they can’t easily reach you, they will go to your competitor.
  7. Social Media Links: Include links to Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms where the business has an active presence. It is recommended that these links be located on the top right of every page. Not only is social media how many people will find you, it will increase where you website appears in search results.
  8. Get Blogging: One of the best ways to add content to your website is to be adding content to your blog. This will help your website get higher in search engine results. SEO research and inclusion of keywords and phrases will also increase the search engine results. Provide useful information integrating keywords into your posts.

Interested in learning more about how we can help you re-design our website to include these must-haves? Give us a call today!

Website Content Management Systems and Word Press

Word Press Web Design at affrdable prices.

Through our web design blog we hope to provide helpful information on the ins and outs of the web world. This week we are discussing Content Management Systems otherwise known as CMS.

What is a Content Management System?

Long gone are the days of having to rely on your programmer every time you want to change a picture or add new written content to your website. Content Management Systems (CMS) are the new “it” thing when it comes to site development, and for good reason. These systems allow you to: manage, edit and create new pages, upload video, pdf files, audio and (for the brave) adjust code. When developed properly a website built on a CMS platform can give you the freedom to manage your website without having to pay expensive hourly programmers, and works for people with all levels of technical skill sets.

Word Press has become a quick favorite in the development world because of the increasing popularity of blogs. Once considered a platform only used for blogging, WordPress has made significant strides in becoming a full blown Content Management System capable of handling even the most complex websites. A favorite among our clients, we are big fans of the easy user experience and the amount of online data available to help people learn the ins and outs of this CMS. My Studio Space develops almost 95% of our websites on the WordPress platform, giving our clients total control over their website. And did we mention these sites are very search engine friendly!

Two additional Content Management Systems are Joomla and Drupal. Similar to WordPress these systems allow users to manage 100% of their website. Drupal has remained the most popular CMS system predominantly known for its search engine friendly URLs, while Joomla has remained the CMS of choice for large complex websites, corporate intranets and even E-commerce solutions.

What do CMS websites cost?

Word Press websites do not always come cheap. Yes, this is more of an investment than the free Flash template companies you can find online, but the reality is that when done right a solid CMS website will last you and your business a very long time and give you the ability to manage your content. For a quality WordPress website expect to pay  $1600 and up, but we promise you will save on expensive programming and maintenance fees in the long run.

No matter which CMS you go with, the fact is, you no longer have to be held hostage by your programmer. Nearly every website design can be incorporated into a CMS platform, so you can be in charge and save money, and that’s a good thing!

Want to get started? Fill out our easy project planner and we will be in touch shortly!

EberleArts Launches a New Custom Website!

Eberle Arts Graphic Design

When award-winning photographer and graphic designer, Linda Eberle needed to update her website, she knew My Studio Space was the web development team to work with. Linda is a graphic designer by trade so it was important to her that she created the design of her website while My Studio Space provided the custom web site development and programming.

Based in Venice Beach, California, Linda is never lacking for amazing inspiration and wanted to capture the essence of her new projects in a website that was both beautiful and easy to manage. My Studio Space worked one-on-one with Linda to build a WordPress website and blog to house all of her most recent work, and provide her with a website platform capable of growing with her business. Some key features of the new website include: easy to manage/update photo galleries (with the ability to create a a custom crop for each image), multiple background images for specific pages, simple navigation for an easy user experience, and links to social media (Facebook and LinkedIn) so her fans can keep in touch with her!

Congratulations on the launch of your new website Linda, it was a pleasure working with you and we look forward to reading your new blog!

If you are a graphic designer and interested in designing your own website, we are available and happy to assist with the web site development. Just give us a call!

EberleArts Web Site Before and After:





My Studio Space has a New Look!

It’s officially summer, and with that My Studio Space is excited to share our new website. You always hear from us that it’s important to keep up with web trends, and spend time with your website, social media and marketing, so we decided it was time for us to make a big update too.

My Studio Space has been in business since 1999 (phew we can hardly believe it’s been 13 years!) Through that time we have dealt with a broad range of website and marketing challenges, we like to say the good, the bad and the ugly. While our website has changed through the years, one thing has remained the same, we always provide our customers with top notch service and strive to make the web development process as painless and fun as possible. We are excited to share these changes with the launch of our new website:

1. More automation with numerous quick and easy sign-ups for the things you want most including: SEO, hosting and project inquiries.

2. We now offer a broad range of services from graphic and marketing design to mobile websites, allowing you to make My Studio Space your one stop shop for important marketing endeavors.

3. We will be updating our blog on a very regular basis to make sure it becomes a valuable provider of information for you and your business.

4. We have added to our team, allowing us to answer your questions and provide you with additional support quickly and efficiently.

5. We have launched a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) hub that is staffed 24/7 to work with you on an ongoing monthly basis to help improve the placement of your website on popular search engines such as Google.

These are just a few of the changes we have made, check out our new website for all the details. Don’t forget to sign up for our mailings, rumor has it a coupon is coming in July!

Dunn Soto Law Testimonial

I am very difficult to please, so for me to be happy with Tiffiny’s work says a lot. Tiffiny presented a solid initial concept for my website, and after listening to my input about what I did and did not like, she presented a wonderful second concept that we then worked with to create the final product.

Cheryl Dunn Soto

Dunn Soto Law


Thank you Tiffiny for the AWESOME communication.  I’ll repeat what I said before… I’ve never worked with someone in your field so well versed in communications with clients!!!

Steve Thompson

Best Blog Design

Best Blog Design - Word Press Best Content Management SystemIf you are seeking the best blog design, My Studio Space Website Design Firm’s blog designing online professionals have the perfect solution.

We are proud to offer blog page design for Word Press (WP).

If you are not familiar with Word Press, WP is a publishing platform that offers state of the art design, meets current web standards and is user friendly.

My Studio Space Website Design Firm’s blog designing online professionals believe that Word Press is simply the best content management system because:

  • Word Press allows unlimited customization.
  • Word Press allows third-party tool integration.
  • Word Press is a great cross-blog communication tool.
  • Word Press develops community through commenting.
  • Word Press integrates spam protection.
  • Word Press has a built-in user registration system.
  • Word Press supports password protected posts.
  • Word Press can be programmed to allow multiple authors.
  • Word Press offers full standards compliance.

So, if our online professionals determine that a content management system (CMS) is needed, we design the website with Word Press, provided it can accommodate all the features requested. If this is the case, the blog designer develops a new template blog design.

However, some website design projects may only require adding a blog to the existing web site.

If that’s the case, the My Studio Space Design Firm’s blog designing online professionals can create a custom Word Press template from an html page with a two or three column blog layout that matches the rest of the site.

The good news is that if the entire website design is built in Word Press, it allows you to edit content throughout the site.

This means that your Word Press web site can be edited simply–and that pages and posts can be added to this easy blog design whenever you like by simply using the browser based administrative panel.

What does this mean to you as the website owner?

It means that changes or additions can be made quickly and easily!

Don’t hesitate, take action and contact the My Studio Space Website Design Firm for the best blog design now.

Shop Small Saturday 2011

Earn $25 from American Express when you purchase My Studio Space web design services on Small Business Saturday.

Shop Small Saturday with My Studio Space web design firmOn Saturday, November 26, 2011, American Express cardholders will get $25 back from American Express if they make a purchase from MyStudioSpace.com. Any purchase will qualify, including:

  • Move your site to WordPress
  • Update your website design
  • Sharpen your website copy
  • Create a new blog or website template
  • Promote your site or blog via Social Media
  • Launch a targeted SEO campaign

All you have to do is register your American Express Card at SmallBusinessSaturday.com and then make a purchase from My Studio Space. Your next credit card statement will reflect a $25 credit from American Express toward the purchase you made from My Studio Space. It’s that simple.

With 2011 rapidly coming to a close, now is the time to get started on achieving your online business goals for 2012. If you’ve been putting off making those much-needed upgrades to your website or blog – or if you have a few questions before you take the plunge, please Contact Us Today!

As always, My Studio Space offers cost-effective and comprehensive online marketing and web design services for businesses of all sizes. We work closely with our clients to ensure that their website and their products get the attention of their target customers. Small Business Saturday 2011 is a great opportunity for all of us to benefit and build momentum for 2012.

My Studio Space would like to sincerely thank all of its clients for their continued business and referrals. We wish you all the best of luck with your small businesses and we look forward to working with you in the years ahead!



Facebook Facial Recognition – A Default Setting

Social Networking has become an important part of our Marketing efforts as small business owners. And many of us have jumped in with both feet to find that the personal exposure can be a little overwhelming, to say the least. So I have to ask, have you visited your Privacy Settings on Facebook lately, or ever?

I ask because Facebook has a new feature called Tag Suggestions which uses facial recognition to recommend people to tag in the photos you upload.

Each time you upload a new photo to your account, Tag Suggestions will use facial recognition to automatically suggest the friends you should tag.

But here’s the really Big Thing, this new feature is a default setting. That means it is On unless you do something about it. So if you don’t want Facebook to suggest Your Mug as someone to tag in your friend’s photos, for instance — you in a compromising position, then you will want to disable or at least make changes to this feature today.

Here’s How to Edit Facebook’s Tag Suggestions Feature:

1. First go to your Privacy settings

2. Then click “Customize settings”

3. Scroll down to “Thing others share”

4. Find “Suggest photos of me to friends”

5. And make any needed changes.

It’s an easy fix but if you are a private peep you’ll want to login and make some needed changes. For more information, you can visit FB’s Help Page, which offers a list of links on Privacy.

So what’s your take? Are you for or against Facial Recognition?

Facial Recognition Tag Suggestions and Your Privacy

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Small Business SEO Special

Small business SEO includes several essential strategies to getting the edge over your competition and getting your website to the top of the search engine results. Good website design and search engine optimization (what we call small business SEO) work hand in hand to accomplish this goal.

Sadly, for many small business owners, affordable SEO is out of reach since the average monthly fee for such services usually start at $500 and up. In today’s competitive market, it is an indispensable part of an online presence and the average fee often costs more than the website design itself.

When you work with My Studio Space, we make sure your website design is the best it can be. Then, once the site has a solid design, it is time to invest in good search engine optimization (SEO).

The important elements making up a strong search engine optimization strategy include:

  • Solid Web Site Design
  • SEO Engine Optimization of the Website Structure & Elements
  • Ongoing SEO Copy-writing
  • Incoming Links

The New Year is the perfect time for what we call, Fresh Start. Although many people think that small business SEO is a simple task, it is not. All businesses have specific terms that will drive traffic to the website. But most of the terms you may think that people will search are incorrect. Plus, the competition for the right terms can be daunting which makes it difficult, if not impossible, to rank well.

Small business SEO begins with identifying the right terms and a profoundly different set of marketing and optimization tactics and knowledge. This is way beyond the knowledge of the average person or hobbyist.

When you invest in an ongoing and extensive website strategy, it will help you get more traffic and give you the opportunity to convert website visitors into customers and clients to increase your bottom-line.

To jump start your business in 2011, we are offering a special stimulus opportunity at vintage prices–meaning we’ve dropped the rates to give you a fresh start at affordable SEO rates for a short time. However, you must act quickly since these rates will escalate each week until they return to the normal competitive rate in a few weeks. So you’ll get the best rate if commit and get started right away. Package prices expire within a week and then jump to the next tier.

Of course, feel free to contact us and we can always generate a custom package to suit your individual needs.

Terms: Minimum of 50% deposit and 50% upon receipt of final invoice. Some packages will allow monthly billing for regular optimization work until completed.

Fresh Start SEO

On a budget? Start with our Fresh Start SEO package and make sure you are targeting the right keywords. This will help you to identify what terms will help you get properly identified in the search engines and that your potential customers are actually searching. We get these terms into your site since the wrong traffic won’t do your business any good. This is step one. When your budget allows it, the next tier is the SEO Tune Up.

SEO Tune Up

After our professional analysis has identified the correct terms and all your meta information is right, this is the next vital step. The SEO Tune Up integrates the proper terms into the structure of your site and optimizes your content as well. ++This package cover up to six pages. If you have a few more, be sure to contact us for the revised fee to meet your needs.

Deluxe SEO Pack

This Deluxe SEO Pack is everything that the small website owner needs. Although we think this is best done in conjunction with the building of a new website, it is also perfect for those who are ready to get their online presence increased attention and the right placement. +The package covers up to six pages. If you have a few more, be sure to contact us for the revised fee, but it you have an extensive site, you may need our Competitive Edge.

Competitive Edge SEO

The Competitive Edge SEO is a comprehensive package is for those people with more extensive websites that need a bit of renovation and innovation to take their website to the next level. It provides everything you need to make your site a search engine favorite! *Base rate includes a total of 12 existing pages. If you need more please let us know your needs so we can get you a more specific quote.

Monthly SEO Post

Get the jump on everyone else by with a Monthly SEO Post that will give you the added edge over any of your competitors and make your site a search engine favorite! Base rate includes a total of 12 new search engine optimized posts on your business topic that will be scheduled to go live once per month. (Requires Fresh Start research.)

Social Media Super Charge

Social Media Super Charge enhances your social media accounts so that they work for you and leverage your online presence. We add your search engine optimized terms to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn (other accounts by quote) so you can be found and so that your online marketing is integrated for the best results. We can also help you with once a week updates and responses to followers. (Surcharge may be added for very active accounts.)

Interested? Contact us now to take advantage of our small business SEO special for your website today!

Why Inviting All of Your friends to Your Business’ Facebook Page is a Bad Idea

Already on Facebook? Follow My Studio Space Custom Web DesignThe tendency of business owners just getting started with promoting their business on Facebook is to invite all of their “friends” from their personal Facebook account to “fan” or “like” their business page. That approach, however, is often a mistake.

Here’s why:

  • Successful business marketing on Facebook is about real, meaningful connections. A fan base or following that mirrors one’s personal friend list lacks legitimacy and appears amateurish.
  • You want interaction on your page, buy you also want to keep inside jokes and irrelevant banter to a minimum. Only invite friends who understand and appreciate the function of a Facebook page for business.
  • It’s unlikely that the majority of your Facebook “friends” will actually have that much interest in your business. Only invite friends who will engage your business professionally on Facebook or who may offer cross-promotion opportunities through their own Facebook business pages.

How to Increase Your Fans on Facebook

Follow My Studio Space on Facebook!In order to connect in a meaningful way with people on Facebook who actually are interested in your business, services or product, there are some steps you can take to ensure success:

  • Link to your Facebook profile from your website and blog – it seems basic, but it is the first.
  • Use the various Facebook widgets and tools to allow people to “like” your website, your individual blog posts and your Facebook business page – right from your website.
  • Create something engaging on your Facebook profile – this isn’t a “build it and they will come” phenomenon, but good, engaging content is a sure way to get people “liking” your business page and coming back when you update it.

In need of setup assistance on facebook? We can help.

Already on Facebook? Follow us on Facebook!

7 Ways to Write Better Blog Post

The idea of writing your first blog post or a weekly blog post can be overwhelming. So we’ve listed a few quick tips to Creating a Better Blog Post.

1. Titles

Create headlines that demand attention. 8 of 10 people will read a headline but only 2 will actually read the article… The title is the secret to an effective blog post. The better your headline the greater chance your article will get read, period.

2. The Opening Paragraph

Keep it simple and start your first paragraph from your point of view, as if you were starting a conversation. And once you pick a voice, stick with it for the entire post.

More opening ideas:

  • Ask a question, “Have you ever….?”
  • Share a quote or favorite saying, “My mom always said if you don’t have anything nice to say….”
  • Suggest that your reader visualize, “picture this” or “what if you were…”
  • Try an analogy, metaphor or simile or share a statistic to shock and grab attention.

3. Shape & Structure

Use bolded sub-headers so your reader can skim your content like this post. Use bullets points, they are easy to scan and they add white. You can also try a list post with numbered paragraphs like this one, 7 Ways to Write a Better Blog Post.

4. Start Your Post with the Good Stuff.

Just in case your readers don’t have all day, give them the good stuff right up front. Don’t make them wait.

5. Links

Link to the information and resources that clarify your thoughts, ideas, or opinions.

6. Less is More

Eliminate any unnecessary words. Keep it simple. Really look at your writing and see what you can omit without destroying sentence structure. And try to keep your blog posts around 250 to 350 words.

7. End with a Question.

Ask your readers to get involved, take action or comment. Often times you may find that someone else has some beneficial info to add to your post that you may not have covered!

Day Spa & Salon Website Design

My Studio Space designs custom day spa websites with a look and feel that will reflect your spa and turn your visitors into new clients.

Successfully marketing a day spa or salon online can be summed quickly. Beyond a consistent look and feel, our main goals for your day spa website design are:

Website Traffic: attracting new visitors to your website.

Visitor Conversion: turning your visitors into clients, by booking appointments or selling gift certificates.

Our custom built day spa web sites are search engine friendly and include the basic search engine optimization required for good rank and organic placement.

If you have graphics or images that you love, we can include them in your design but we also have a library of stock photography if you do not have your own images.

Once your new day spa or salon website is online, editing is easy because our online professionals provide you with a browser based administration panel that will allow you to update your content 24/7.

Contact us for a day spa website redesign or a new custom day spa web design.

Day Spa & Salon Marketing

Increase day spa & salon client base with two effective tools:

Instant Gift Certificates help turn your day spa or salon website into a profit center, as well as provide an added convenience, last minute gift-giving option, and instant gratification. You can increase your income without doing any additional work.

Get in touch with us for more information about online gift certificates for your day spa.

Day Spa Email Marketing is an easy, effective, and an affordable way to get your message out to your customers, clients, or members while you build strong, successful, and lasting relationships with them. Our online professionals will set up a program that will let you create high-impact email newsletters and promotions in minutes with no technical expertise necessary. This program gives you more than 300 easily-customized templates, a simple point-and-click tool, and award-winning free customer support.

Believe it or not you can create professional, compelling messages your audience will act on. And our online professionals will make it easy for you to manage your contact lists, sign up website visitors, track your clicks and open rates, and send automated communications to new subscribers. You can use it to reach out and communicate to your existing clients and inspire the interests of new clients or prospects.

Contact us for more info on day spa email marketing.

Day Spa Web Design Samples

Alegra Day Spa Head To Toez Mobile Day Spa

Day Spa Design and Marketing is also perfect if you are a

  • Massage Therapist
  • Nutritionist
  • Reflexologist
  • Yoga Instructor
  • Homeopath
  • Hypnotherapist
  • Holistic Center
  • Health Clinic
  • Herbalist
  • Counselors or Psychotherapist
  • Osteopath or Chiropractor
  • Aromatherapist
  • Cranial Sacral Therapist
  • Nutritional Therapist
  • Flower Essence Practitioner
  • Life Coach
  • Acupunctursit/Acupressurist
  • Reiki Practitioner
  • Shiatsu Practitioner
  • Spiritual or Psychic Healer
  • Naturopath
  • Holistic Dentist
  • Health & Beauty Consultant

My Studio Space knows the day spa business. We have created many websites for day spas, salons, massage therapists and independent practitioners. Contact us today about a new day spa or salon website or a re-design for your existing day spa website.

Drop in Google Traffic Forces Site Owners to Explore Social Media Marketing

Google is still the primary source of traffic for the vast majority of websites on the Internet and the best way to ensure a site’s success is to comply with all of Google’s stated and unstated standards for website quality. With the recent Mayday update, many established websites experienced a significant drop in their long tail traffic from Google. The explanation from Google is that they are striving to deliver higher quality sites in their long tail search results. It makes sense, of course, but it also represents just the latest curveball that Google has thrown at webmasters and web marketing professionals who rely so heavily on traffic from the world’s leading search engine.

The savvy website owner, however, has already begun to rely increasingly on traffic-generating methods outside of Google and other search engines. The manner in which Internet users are now finding information, while still dominated by Google, is increasingly including social media. Networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and others have begun to chip away at Google’s share of web-based site referrals, meaning that they can be an effective tool in overcoming losses due to the recent algorithm changes at Google.

While most are familiar with Facebook and Twitter, et al, on a personal level, it is quite another matter to utilize these social networking tools for business purposes, and many are at a loss as to how to proceed with this type of strategy. First and foremost, understand that the use of social networking and social media is about connecting with potential customers or clients in a manner that is not possible with search engines and rarely seen even on company websites. Social networking allows a more personal, less formal introduction to one’s company. Because of this, Facebook profiles and Twitter updates for a company should be focused on elements of the business that will grab people’s attention.

Recent projects, portfolio updates, company-sponsored events, new hires, and many other similar subjects are the fodder with which company Facebook and Twitter profiles should be populated. Lest one forget, however, the point of these profiles is to not only connect with prospective clients, but also to have them click through the profile to the main company website. Ensuring that there are references to the site, including links, is a must, and it is also recommended that the company website, in turn, link back to the external company profiles on the various social media platforms.

While a website owner facing lost traffic from the recent Google algorithm change should, by all means, attempt to regain that lost traffic by making tweaks, adding content and garnering new links to deep content in their sites, there is something to be said for the volume and type of traffic that can be delivered from social media. The sheer numbers may still favor Google and other search engines in this regard, but the traffic from social media and social networking sites tends to be more “organic,” almost as though one’s company has been discovered by word of mouth advertising. The “friend” and “fan of” features on Facebook, and the “followers” element of Twitter especially lend themselves to this type of impression in the minds of potential customers, and can go a long way toward placing one’s company in front of a growing online trend for creating new business opportunities. For help in understanding and mastering social media marketing and optimization, Contact My Studio Space Web Design Firm today.

Google “Mayday” Update Leaves Many Searching for Lost Long Tail Traffic

Recent algorithm changes at Google have left some webmasters and website owners scratching their heads over the precipitous drop in traffic their sites have experienced. It’s important to realize, however, that within the SEO game, Google algorithm updates represent a zero-sum game. In short, when one site loses rankings and traffic, another steps into its place. For some, that means that the so-called “Mayday” update has actually resulted in an increase in traffic, but those making the most noise over the issue are, by far, those that have seen diminishing traffic and revenue from the changes.

For those not entirely familiar with the recent updates, Google began making tweaks in late April in an attempt to bring higher-quality websites to the top of the search rankings. While that is a very basic goal that Google is always striving for, this particular tweak was interesting because it focused more specifically on so-called “long tail” queries, i.e. – highly-specific searches that are not individually big traffic-drivers but, when taken aggregately, can drive vast amounts of visitors.

Matt Cutts, an engineer with Google who frequently speaks at industry events and via web-based video, noted of the change, “This is an algorithmic change in Google, looking for higher quality sites to surface for long tail queries. It went through vigorous testing and isn’t going to be rolled back.” Discussion of the Mayday updates reached a fever pitch in the last days of May, when many site owners saw the biggest changes in their traffic logs. Specifically, those with e-commerce sites, or other websites that consist of many pages, were seeing fewer visitors to “deeper” pages within their site’s structure, including product pages and pages that were several clicks away from the home page.

While the mechanism and programming behind the Google changes are quite fascinating, for most website owners the only real concern is what to do about lost traffic. Ultimately, the name of the game is increasing the quality of a website in the eyes of Google. A great place to start is by upgrading existing content and working hard to attract credible incoming links to the site. Contact My Studio Space Web Design today to learn more about how we can help you improve the quality of your website and reclaim your lost Google traffic.

Patriotic Summer Fun – Children’s Art Contest

Flags Across The Nation - Kid's Patriotic Art ContestWe have a pet project at My Studio Space Web Design, and our favorite non-profit, Flags Across The Nation, is holding a Patriotic Art Contest!

Create a piece of art for the FLAGS Across The Nation, Patriotic Art Contest.

Children, grades 1 to 6 are asked to enter the contest. There is still time! The deadline is August 1. Download your entry form and show your love for the United States of America. Submit your colorful red, white and blue drawing or painting.

Your art will be featured on the FLAGS website and enjoyed by 1,000’s of active duty military, veterans and patriotic Americans. After the contest, all art will be sent to our deployed troops in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Pick up your brush, pen or pencil and create a magnificent piece of art. Every 1 thru 6th grade artist to submit an entry will receive a mini American Flag!

The troops love to see your drawings of American flags, kids saluting the flag, themes of freedom and anything that has red, white and blue.

If you want to add a few words of appreciation or patriotism to your drawing, go ahead and do that. It will be valued.

Enjoy your patriotic summer of fun and tell your friends about FLAGS!

1,217 Reasons Why Your Website Needs an Upgrade

Thelonious, the WordPress 3.0 version and the 13th major release of the content management system and blog platform, is now available. In fact, you’re looking at it.

A little over a year ago, we redesigned MyStudioSpace.com using WordPress. Once the new “jazzy” version became available, we jumped at the chance to update. There’s no better way to say it… WordPress 3.0 has incredibly powerful benefits that you don’t want to be without.

The update includes 1,217 bug fixes and feature enhancements, and the new WordPress version makes it much simpler, much cleaner to manage your content. The My Studio Space team thinks you’ll find using WordPress easier than before. And here’s why:

  • You no longer have to use bit.ly or other services to create short, friendly links to your site.
  • When you are creating new pages and new posts, you’ll notice fewer distractions along the top and sides of your page.
  • Bulk updates are now possible (before you had to download each individual update one at a time).
  • The help tab has always been conveniently placed on the top right, but now you can select the link, stay on your page, and browse the contextual information.
  • It’s easier to manage contacts, products, and even multiple blogs (if necessary).

We recommend you work with a web professional to complete the upgrade as certain issues could arise if your site relies on third party plugins or contains any custom programming. My Studio Space Web Design Firm is available to complete the upgrade for a minimal cost. The service includes a database dump, and all plugins will be reinstalled after the update is complete to ensure a seamless transition.

Oh, and one last thing. You might be wondering about the name Thelonious. Well, it’s inspired by the jazz musician Thelonius Monk. You can hear his tunes for yourself via YouTube.

Facebook & Twitter an Overwhelming Marketing Necessity?

FacebookFaceBook and Twitter are probably two of the most power social networking and marketing portals on the Internet today. The big questions is, “How do you manage your social networking accounts and still stay on top of your game?”

Limit your time, that’s right. Set a cut off point. It’s easy to jump into FaceBook and start checking out pictures and reading comments. Next thing you know, an hour or more has elapsed! So set a time limit for yourself. You read correct, limit your time to 20 to 30 minutes a day.

HootSuite - Social Media DashboardSocial networking can be fun and it can also be a lot of work and a time warp without limiting yourself. But if you are not contributing then you’ll miss the benefits of these incredibly powerful marketing tools. To keep things streamlined and save time, utilize additional tools to allow you to monitor and post to Facebook and Twitter effortlessly.

We use Hootsuite. Hoosuite which gives you a birds eye view of all of your most important social networks including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Hootsuite allows you to manage multiple social networks in one location. Have more than one contributor? With Hootsuite it’s easy to invite others to help you manage your network, a very important feature and another topic all together. Plus Hootsuite also provides statistics, and not just a summary but the ability to track individual messages.

So get out there set up your social networks or have My Studio Space Web Design Firm do it for you. Get connected, make new relationships and establish a presence for you company today.

Custom Massage Industry Website for Sale


Custom WordPress Massage Niche Website For Sale

Massage Industry site ranks Google #1 for Keyword X, Keyword Y is on Page 1 in multiple engines (plus other keywords that rank too!)

  • Premium Custom Word Press Site PR1
  • 1 Year Hosting
  • WebMaster Help
  • 41 Backlinks
  • 1 Year Domain Registration

Business website for sale that was built around the massage industry niche. The massage industry is a profitable niche and sees up to 1,827,945 monthly broad searches worldwide on Google on the phrase “massage.”

Don’t miss your chance to own this optimized PR1 domain and word press website!


Main Features
• PageRank 1 website
• 2 Distinct Domain URLs
• Established Facebook Page
• 1 Year Hosting Included
• Domain Email Addresses
• Webmaster Support
• Professionally customized Premium WordPress Theme
• Running on the popular WordPress CMS software with essential plug-ins
• SEO optimization
• 41 Backlinks
• Massage niche perfect for business owner or massage product optimization

This domain was established by a massage therapist who is no longer interested in the domain. Design of the website was professionally customized and is maintained by MyStudioSpace.Com who is offering the additional perks listed to the new buyer.

Content Features
Content has already been indexed by Google and ranks high for several keywords naturally.

Pages Included:
-swedish massage
-hot stone massage
-trigger point therapy
-craniosacral therapy
-deep tissue masssage
-combined massage
Site Map
Google Map

Traffic Details

Site has only minimal existing traffic but it is very targeted.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Features


Google PageRank 1
Although no longer officially used, PageRank is a measure of how authoritative the website is with Google. At the moment the site is indexed about every 9 days. Regular visits by the Google bots mean it will be indexed more frequently and deeper and the content will be ranked higher as new content, links, or traffic grows..

This site (http://www.relaxingtouchmassage4u.com) has an PageRank 1 and ranks on the first page of Google and on the first pages of Bing, MSN, and Yahoo. This means it has established authority that will be easy to grow. It also has backlinks to support the PageRank so it is unlikely the PageRank will drop in the near future.

Year Old Aged Domain
Domains have better authority with the search engines the longer they are online which means that the search engines view older domains as more authoritative, if all other things being equal.

http://www.relaxingmassasge4u.com will be a year old in July. Original domain registration date was 16 July 2009 and domain registration is through 16 July 2011.

Because the website is registered and hosted by MyStudioSpace.Com there will be no fee for transfer and it is ready to go. Webmaster has also volunteered to help the new owner with a few basics and hopes to be retained for a long relationship.


Quality Backlinks
Quality backlinks are a big factor for ranking on any search engine results pages and have been a major component in the past Google algorithm calculations. Quality backlinks pointing back to your site increases the authority of the website.

This site has an great backlink profile with high 41 quality backlinks.
PR4 – 01 Links
PR1 – 01 Links
PR0 – 39 Links
Total: 41 Backlinks

On-Page SEO
The site has been well optimized with the on-page factors for maximum ranking results with the search engines.

Duplicate Content
Duplicate content issues do not exist as this was a custom website.

HTML & Google Sitemap
Site Maps improve the spidering of this site by the search engines.

Content Management System (CMS) – WordPress

The latest version of the popular WordPress content management system (CMS) is installed on this site and has been customized with the following plugins installed and configured properly:
• all in one seo
• cforms
• google sitemaps
• lightbox2
• reveal ids

Professional Design
A professionally customizable Premium Word Press theme has been installed and customized for this website and is maintained by a professional web designer.

Why Selling?
This site was established for a massage business and the owner no longer maintains it and it is perfect for anyone who wants an established site to promote a massage business or for optimization to sell massage niche products.

Potential revenue for an optimized site such as this one will be good if monetized properly. This can be done with help from the web designer if desired for an additional charge.

Monetization Potential
Google AdSense can be used on this site by pasting your own AdSense code.

Affiliate Products
Join an affiliate program with Amazon.com, Commission Junction, ShareASale or any of the major affiliate networks and make money with this site.

Sell Advertising
Once more traffic is driven to this site it should be easy to sell text link ads via text link ad brokers such as Text-Link-Ads.com.

Transfer Details
The domain name is registered and hosted by MyStudioSpace.Com. Transfer of website and wordpress database is not necessary because the web hosting company has agreed to host the domain for one year at no charge to the new owner!

Interested? Contact Tiffiny to make an offer on RelaxingMassage4u now.

Wes Choi’s TKD in Mesa Arizona, Gets a Make Over

Wes Choi's Mesa AZ get a Web Desing and CMS Makeover

Wes Choi’s Tae Kwon Do now benefits from a new look created by My Studio Space Web Site Design Firm.

As a result, Wes Choi’s TKD has turned a new leaf and is sporting new features that allow easier access for the user. Wes Choi’s Taekwondo, features WordPress as a CMS, which makes content updates a breeze. Along with the multitude of advantages presented by adding Word Press, the website is now more accessible to search engines and is also more secure.

Navigating the web pages on Weschois.com is now a more enjoyable experience. The creation of a new drop down menu increases user and search engine accessibility. Which equals better indexing and increased traffic. The website is now user-friendly, inviting visitors to spend more time on the site reviewing the services offered.

A testimonial rotator was also added to the sidebar of this new site. Client feedback is extremely useful for the website visitors of Weschois, as well as the “Be social with us” section, a social network feature, allowing people to connect and interact with the Wes Choi’s website through three social networking platforms: Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

My Studio Space Web Site Design Firm also provides hosting services, social network marketing support and on-going web site management for Weschois. Our job is never limited to just making a web site look good.

Ready to do a make over for your website?

Give My Studio Space Web Design Firm a call!

Non-Profit Website Design

non-profit website design of angel harpsNon-profit website design and other company website designs can pose a lot of different challenges to any design team but the great thing about personal service is that despite the challenges that might be faced, we can overcome them through personal communication and dedication to the project.

Most people don’t know that helping your website design team can make a huge difference to the success of your online presence but sometimes there are challenges that can’t be overcome easily and that is when working with a great web design team helps you get the edge.

Such was the case with the non-profit group known as Angel Harps.

Their mission is to help special needs kids with healing harp music therapy.

Angel Harps came to us for a non-profit website design with little or no content, and a big idea.

The group happens to be a 501 c3 based in California and wanted to really kick it up a notch.

Using angels as our main theme, we created a colorful and moving non-profit web site.

Next, we developed the content so that the site had a wealth of information for those interested in the cause and that featured those unique individuals who contribute to the organization’s success.

Search engine optimization work was perfect for this project because not only did we write about the lap harp recipients and amazing harpists involved in the annual fund raising concert, but she also created a dedicated press room and took the seeds already planted and nurtured them with her magic to tell the story of Angel Harps and grab the attention of anyone who visits.

The more search engine optimization she did, the more creative she got.

One of the perks was that this creative juice sparked a new concept for the donation page to tie into the theme.

Finally, affordable search engine optimization was then applied to all the social media accounts of value to the organization.

The result has been increased traffic, rankings that are still climbing, and additional interest from donors, the press and new sponsors.

The My Studio Space Web Site Design Firm takes great pride in knowing that our work is increasing the organization’s ability to continue to provide harps to special needs children.

The response to the web site changes have been overwhelming and has helped the organization move to a new level.

Contact our web site design firm online professionals if you would like to take your website, business, or organization to a new level, too.

Check out Angel Harps | Non-Profit Website Design Testimonial

Restaurant Web Design

Restaurant Web Design isn’t anything new but making sure that it is done right is a critical piece in the whole puzzle of online marketing.

The My Studio Space Web Site Design Firm team stands out from the crowd for restaurant website design because we love to tackle projects for small business owners. Plus, since one of our specialties is small business web design, we really do know just what these types of company websites really need.

Ideally, a restaurant web design will attract new customers into your business, share your hours of operation, and allow your readers to take a look at your location and menu. Some restaurant website design work will include a map to the business location for ease of navigation.

However, an often overlooked (and vital) component to a good restaurant website design is that it needs to help promote your existing (or newly created) brand identity design.

Our sister company, Studio Lilley Graphic Design can help tie your business cards, menu, and a variety of other graphic design elements together, to match or mirror what we do online with your restaurant website design (or any other small business web design). This will give you an edge over other competitors and also lock that a long lasting impression into the minds of customers, both present and future. Plus, it is that brand recognition that gives you that extra spark and appeal.

We’ve done some web site designs for restaurants such as Dooby’s Grill Cafe, Efes Turkish Cuisine, and Dave du Jour  – Street Food and thought you’d like a quick peak at some of our page restaurant web design work by including them below. You can also take a look at our website design portfolio for other types of company website samples.

Don’t hesitate to call My Studio Space Web Site Design Firm now for a  restaurant website design (or re-design) quote.

Dave de Jour Street Food San Diego
Dooby's Grill Cafe
Efes Turkish Cuisine

Affordable Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Packages

special-heartSharing the Love with Affordable Search Engine Optimization Specials for February

February is one of our favorite months, there is love is in the air, and every shop window!
Here at My Studio Space Website Design Firm we want to share the love too.
We now have new affordable search engine optimization (SEO) packages to fit any budget.

What is search engine optimization aka SEO?

Search engine optimization (aka SEO) is a strategy to make your website or blog “search engine friendly.”
The right SEO for your business means that you can attract more of the right type of traffic instead of hit and miss search engine traffic.
During the month of February, for the first 10 clients to commit, we are including copy editing at no extra charge in our SEO Tune UP and SEO Deluxe packages.

Normally that would cost you an additional $100.00 per page–but for the first 10 to grab it, our SEO online professional will add it for free!
That’s right, all you have to do is ask–and be one of the first 10 because once they are taken, they are gone.
If you are not familiar with our search engine optimization packages we offer the following:
  • SEO Tune Up – perfect for someone who’s already has a website but needs to take it up a notch or a client that needs to tune-up their basic search engine optimization.
  • SEO Starter Pack – The MSS SEO Starter Pack is for a new website (or existing website) and takes care of the targeted keyword research and supplies you with all the new meta to help jump start your site.
  • SEO Deluxe Pack – The SEO Deluxe Pack takes search engine optimization to a higher level by adding search engine optimization for the navigation, page names, URLs and more.
  • Super SEO Pack – The Super Search Engine Optimization covers everything you need to pump up the traffic–including copy editing with your properly researched keywords terms and phrases.

Get a visual of the differences between our search engine optimizations below. (If your site is extensive and has more pages then what our SEO packages cover, contact us about a custom quote to get your site performing at its best.)

SEO Packages Tune Up Deluxe Pack Super Pack
Main Keyword Research & Selection Up to 4 pages Up to 7 pages
Minor Keyword Identification & Selection Up to 4 pages Up to 7 pages
Meta Descriptions Up to 4 pages Up to 7 pages
Meta Keywords Up to 4 pages Up to 7 pages
Optimize Navigation Up to 7 of your existing pages Up to 4 pages Up to 7 pages
Optimize Browser Bar Titles Up to 7 of your existing pages Up to 4 pages Up to 7 pages
Optimize Page Names & URLS Up to 7 of your existing pages Up to 4 pages Up to 7 pages
Optimize Page Headings Up to 7 of your existing pages Up to 4 pages Up to 7 pages
Optimize Photo Labels Up to 7 of your existing pages Up to 4 pages Up to 7 pages
Optimization Corrections of Alt Tags, Keyword Text Links Up to 7 of your existing pages Up to 4 pages Up to 7 pages
SEO Copy Editing Up to 7 pages
Package Price $599 $599 $899

Remember, the pricing above is for February 2010, and if you select the SEO Tune-Up or Deluxe SEO–copyediting is included for the first 10 who commit!

Are you ready to get your traffic targeted and get the phone ringing? Call us today!

How to Exclude a Category from your Blog Feed

The are many reasons why you may want to exclude a specific blog category from your RSS feed. The most often excluded blog category for us is testimonials, which is often pulled to use as rotation text somewhere on a website.

Setting your client testimonials up as a blog category makes it easy to add and mange them but excluding them from your blog feed takes a little effort, but not much.

All you need to do is add a few lines of code to the functions.php file in your theme:

function exclude($query) {
if ($query->is_feed) {
return $query;

In the code above simply replace the category ID number with the category ID on your blog that you want to exclude.

If you don’t have a functions.php file in your theme, you can create a new file in Notepad, just type <?php  the above code and ?> after the code,  then save and upload to your theme’s folder.

And that’s it.