5 Facebook Tips for Business

5 Facebook Tips

5 Facebook Tips for Business

When it comes to Facebook tips for business, the most important tip is that Facebook is used for engaging an audience. It’s not about leads or even about you or your business. Gone are the days of Facebook success being measured in likes; it’s about creating conversation among your following.

At My Studio Space, we offer social media management services. Here are our 5 Facebook Tips for Business:

  1. It’s not about generating leads. Facebook is a place to meet and engage your following. You’re creating a voice for your brand so that your brand is shared with others. Think of it as online word of mouth advertising. If you’re creating conversation, the leads and sales will follow. The trick is to create the conversation FIRST.
  2. It’s not about you. Being engaging means limiting the posts about your business. Seems counter-intuitive but that’s how it works. It’s not a sales tool. The most engaging posts are inspirational quotes, stories about your business, community news, and best practices or tips.
  3. It’s not numbers game. The number of likes on your page isn’t a measure of success. All too often I get messages on my page that go something like, “I liked your page, so go like my page.” This is just a numbers game to increase likes on pages. It isn’t going to do anything to get your brand noticed or increase engagement.
  4. Engagement is key. Facebook is about connecting with your customers and prospects. You’re going to have more success if you have 100 people liking and commenting and sharing your page than if you have 1,000 who aren’t saying or sharing anything.
  5. Be consistent. Spend an hour or less a week scheduling a week of Facebook posts using the scheduler in Facebook. Be sure to check in on your page daily to like and comment. While you can automate posts, you still need to be ‘live’ on your page.

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