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non-profit website design of angel harpsNon-profit website design and other company website designs can pose a lot of different challenges to any design team but the great thing about personal service is that despite the challenges that might be faced, we can overcome them through personal communication and dedication to the project.

Most people don’t know that helping your website design team can make a huge difference to the success of your online presence but sometimes there are challenges that can’t be overcome easily and that is when working with a great web design team helps you get the edge.

Such was the case with the non-profit group known as Angel Harps.

Their mission is to help special needs kids with healing harp music therapy.

Angel Harps came to us for a non-profit website design with little or no content, and a big idea.

The group happens to be a 501 c3 based in California and wanted to really kick it up a notch.

Using angels as our main theme, we created a colorful and moving non-profit web site.

Next, we developed the content so that the site had a wealth of information for those interested in the cause and that featured those unique individuals who contribute to the organization’s success.

Search engine optimization work was perfect for this project because not only did we write about the lap harp recipients and amazing harpists involved in the annual fund raising concert, but she also created a dedicated press room and took the seeds already planted and nurtured them with her magic to tell the story of Angel Harps and grab the attention of anyone who visits.

The more search engine optimization she did, the more creative she got.

One of the perks was that this creative juice sparked a new concept for the donation page to tie into the theme.

Finally, affordable search engine optimization was then applied to all the social media accounts of value to the organization.

The result has been increased traffic, rankings that are still climbing, and additional interest from donors, the press and new sponsors.

The My Studio Space Web Site Design Firm takes great pride in knowing that our work is increasing the organization’s ability to continue to provide harps to special needs children.

The response to the web site changes have been overwhelming and has helped the organization move to a new level.

Contact our web site design firm online professionals if you would like to take your website, business, or organization to a new level, too.

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