Wes Choi’s TKD in Mesa Arizona, Gets a Make Over

Wes Choi's Mesa AZ get a Web Desing and CMS Makeover

Wes Choi’s Tae Kwon Do now benefits from a new look created by My Studio Space Web Site Design Firm.

As a result, Wes Choi’s TKD has turned a new leaf and is sporting new features that allow easier access for the user. Wes Choi’s Taekwondo, features WordPress as a CMS, which makes content updates a breeze. Along with the multitude of advantages presented by adding Word Press, the website is now more accessible to search engines and is also more secure.

Navigating the web pages on Weschois.com is now a more enjoyable experience. The creation of a new drop down menu increases user and search engine accessibility. Which equals better indexing and increased traffic. The website is now user-friendly, inviting visitors to spend more time on the site reviewing the services offered.

A testimonial rotator was also added to the sidebar of this new site. Client feedback is extremely useful for the website visitors of Weschois, as well as the “Be social with us” section, a social network feature, allowing people to connect and interact with the Wes Choi’s website through three social networking platforms: Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

My Studio Space Web Site Design Firm also provides hosting services, social network marketing support and on-going web site management for Weschois. Our job is never limited to just making a web site look good.

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