Small Business SEO Special

Small business SEO includes several essential strategies to getting the edge over your competition and getting your website to the top of the search engine results. Good website design and search engine optimization (what we call small business SEO) work hand in hand to accomplish this goal.

Sadly, for many small business owners, affordable SEO is out of reach since the average monthly fee for such services usually start at $500 and up. In today’s competitive market, it is an indispensable part of an online presence and the average fee often costs more than the website design itself.

When you work with My Studio Space, we make sure your website design is the best it can be. Then, once the site has a solid design, it is time to invest in good search engine optimization (SEO).

The important elements making up a strong search engine optimization strategy include:

  • Solid Web Site Design
  • SEO Engine Optimization of the Website Structure & Elements
  • Ongoing SEO Copy-writing
  • Incoming Links

The New Year is the perfect time for what we call, Fresh Start. Although many people think that small business SEO is a simple task, it is not. All businesses have specific terms that will drive traffic to the website. But most of the terms you may think that people will search are incorrect. Plus, the competition for the right terms can be daunting which makes it difficult, if not impossible, to rank well.

Small business SEO begins with identifying the right terms and a profoundly different set of marketing and optimization tactics and knowledge. This is way beyond the knowledge of the average person or hobbyist.

When you invest in an ongoing and extensive website strategy, it will help you get more traffic and give you the opportunity to convert website visitors into customers and clients to increase your bottom-line.

To jump start your business in 2011, we are offering a special stimulus opportunity at vintage prices–meaning we’ve dropped the rates to give you a fresh start at affordable SEO rates for a short time. However, you must act quickly since these rates will escalate each week until they return to the normal competitive rate in a few weeks. So you’ll get the best rate if commit and get started right away. Package prices expire within a week and then jump to the next tier.

Of course, feel free to contact us and we can always generate a custom package to suit your individual needs.

Terms: Minimum of 50% deposit and 50% upon receipt of final invoice. Some packages will allow monthly billing for regular optimization work until completed.

Fresh Start SEO

On a budget? Start with our Fresh Start SEO package and make sure you are targeting the right keywords. This will help you to identify what terms will help you get properly identified in the search engines and that your potential customers are actually searching. We get these terms into your site since the wrong traffic won’t do your business any good. This is step one. When your budget allows it, the next tier is the SEO Tune Up.

SEO Tune Up

After our professional analysis has identified the correct terms and all your meta information is right, this is the next vital step. The SEO Tune Up integrates the proper terms into the structure of your site and optimizes your content as well. ++This package cover up to six pages. If you have a few more, be sure to contact us for the revised fee to meet your needs.

Deluxe SEO Pack

This Deluxe SEO Pack is everything that the small website owner needs. Although we think this is best done in conjunction with the building of a new website, it is also perfect for those who are ready to get their online presence increased attention and the right placement. +The package covers up to six pages. If you have a few more, be sure to contact us for the revised fee, but it you have an extensive site, you may need our Competitive Edge.

Competitive Edge SEO

The Competitive Edge SEO is a comprehensive package is for those people with more extensive websites that need a bit of renovation and innovation to take their website to the next level. It provides everything you need to make your site a search engine favorite! *Base rate includes a total of 12 existing pages. If you need more please let us know your needs so we can get you a more specific quote.

Monthly SEO Post

Get the jump on everyone else by with a Monthly SEO Post that will give you the added edge over any of your competitors and make your site a search engine favorite! Base rate includes a total of 12 new search engine optimized posts on your business topic that will be scheduled to go live once per month. (Requires Fresh Start research.)

Social Media Super Charge

Social Media Super Charge enhances your social media accounts so that they work for you and leverage your online presence. We add your search engine optimized terms to Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn (other accounts by quote) so you can be found and so that your online marketing is integrated for the best results. We can also help you with once a week updates and responses to followers. (Surcharge may be added for very active accounts.)

Interested? Contact us now to take advantage of our small business SEO special for your website today!

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