7 Ways to Write Better Blog Post

The idea of writing your first blog post or a weekly blog post can be overwhelming. So we’ve listed a few quick tips to Creating a Better Blog Post.

1. Titles

Create headlines that demand attention. 8 of 10 people will read a headline but only 2 will actually read the article… The title is the secret to an effective blog post. The better your headline the greater chance your article will get read, period.

2. The Opening Paragraph

Keep it simple and start your first paragraph from your point of view, as if you were starting a conversation. And once you pick a voice, stick with it for the entire post.

More opening ideas:

  • Ask a question, “Have you ever….?”
  • Share a quote or favorite saying, “My mom always said if you don’t have anything nice to say….”
  • Suggest that your reader visualize, “picture this” or “what if you were…”
  • Try an analogy, metaphor or simile or share a statistic to shock and grab attention.

3. Shape & Structure

Use bolded sub-headers so your reader can skim your content like this post. Use bullets points, they are easy to scan and they add white. You can also try a list post with numbered paragraphs like this one, 7 Ways to Write a Better Blog Post.

4. Start Your Post with the Good Stuff.

Just in case your readers don’t have all day, give them the good stuff right up front. Don’t make them wait.

5. Links

Link to the information and resources that clarify your thoughts, ideas, or opinions.

6. Less is More

Eliminate any unnecessary words. Keep it simple. Really look at your writing and see what you can omit without destroying sentence structure. And try to keep your blog posts around 250 to 350 words.

7. End with a Question.

Ask your readers to get involved, take action or comment. Often times you may find that someone else has some beneficial info to add to your post that you may not have covered!